BBDKP 1.4.6 1.4.6

bbDKP is a ‘Dragon Kill system’ for your phpBB3 Bulletin board. It was originally forked from EQDKP to phpBB in 2008.

Dragon kill points are a form of currency in guilds, where members bid on game loot and buy the items, paying in points.

* Integration of Game, Guild and DKP management facilities;
* Single sign on to dkp and phpBB3,
* Clean report screens,
* Multiple loot distribution systems supported : Multi-pool, Standard DKP, Time based DKP, Zero sum, EPGP.
* Portal with widgets
* Leaderboard, Statistics, Events, Raids, Member, Items, Roster
* ACP and UCP modules.
* Games supported :
* World of Warcraft,
* The Lord of the Rings Online,
* Dark Age of Camelot,
* Vanguard,
* EverQuest I/II,
* Warhammer Online,
* Final Fantasy XI,
* Rift,
* SW:Tor,
* Lineage 2,
* and Custom Game.

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