pbWoW Extension 3.2.6

Adds features to the pbWoW style.

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Extra Information

3.2.6 11/05/2018
- [FIX] fix curl https links, migrations dependency issue
3.2.5 01/04/2018
- [FIX] set z-index for video div due to some links not clickable
3.2.4 24/12/2017
- [FIX] pbwow3_wotlk support
- [FIX] prosilver support

Extension tested on/with

phpBB 3.2.2


Style pbWoW 3.2.*

How the Extension works

Adds features to the pbWoW style.

File hash table

pbwow-3.2.6.zip [md5] 19e0337ad6d68c1bc22c0ef70f5261ab
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